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About Me

My first encounter with software development came when I was about 14 years, when my father brought us a Texas Instruments computer with a massive 128Kb memory and a cartridge containing the snake game. A friend living next door showed me how to do some rudimentary coding, but it was not until I was at university that it really kicked off.

Well, no, I did not study computer science, I hold a degree in chemistry and geology. Somewhere during my studies, I just realized that I understood computers and I started building and selling computers and consulting. 

My first software

Where it all started...

Around 1995 I really became interested in software development and I just read up and learned about it. My uncle heard about my interest and came to me with a specific problem that he had in his job and asked whether I could make a solution to help him with some complex calculations.

I had no clue what to do but I asked help from friends, started working and a few weeks later I gave him a small software that did only one thing, but did it really, really well.

I didn't give the software much thought after that and went on slowly growing my skills and business, but some years later, my uncle gave me a cheque and told me that he was very grateful for that little software. Because of the edge that the software gave him over his colleagues, him, being a salesperson had the advantage to conclude deals much faster than any others and he became head of the division. His secret was the little bit of technology that I have developed for him.

Noproblem Systems

My Current Business

In 1998 I established my business, Noproblem Systems, doing software consulting and development and today I am still managing the business.

Because I really love people, hearing about their challenges and brainstorming about solutions, I am still very involved in the actual development and consulting side.

I also love the creativity of creating programs and that is why I am still doing as much coding as I can.

Personal Life

What is the Purpose of my Life?

On a personal level, I am a husband and a father but most of all I am a creation of God. I am born again by the blood of Jesus Christ and because of the high price paid for me, so that I may have eternal life,
Jesus Christ is my King